Wednesday, March 9, 2011

yes, today's been pretty good :-)

It started this morning with Joa playing the percussion accompaniment to a pretty cool unicorn song.

While Rebe was at school the boys and I went to visit a lovely friend. Her and her husband are bread makers. They make gorgeous organic breads and sell them at a local farmers market. I've been pestering her to teach me, so today she finally relented and let me come over ;-)

We had a lovely morning, chatting and drinking tea and making bread. We used her husbands recipe for a plain white loaf. We used a starter, something I had never done before. I had to bring my rising bread home in the car as I didn't have time to bake it there what with having to pick Rebe up. So I came home with that and...

a wee box of my own starter and a really wonderful book to borrow.

And this is how my loaf came out...

The kids both enjoyed it and I think the flavour was good, I think I need to bake it a little longer. The big test will be to see if Andy likes it. My friend and I are talking about getting together at least once a month, hopefully with some other mummys too, and having a morning of baking together. I think it'd be wonderful :-)

At home, Rebe made a tea party.

There was a rainbow.

And I finally got to finish this wee laddie for my shop...

So all in all it's been lovely :-)

Hope you had a good day too x


  1. It does look like a great day, Laura! The bread looks divine. :) Getting together with other mothers sounds wonderful!

  2. There's nothing like baking your own bread is there? Your little boy doll is great! x

  3. Your loaf looks lovely!
    Your baking morning sounds so nice, so lovely you have friends to do that with.