Monday, March 7, 2011

-this weekend-

has been full of... not getting dressed until noon.
This is Rebe making a spy dog car complete with secret license.
new red wellies

tidying messy corners...before...


Finishing a custom order doll.

Baking cakes

Watching Andy building raised beds (will post more about this later). I'm so delighted we're going to be growing again this year. Andy can't help himself when spring comes. Clever Bubs also predicted this and his Christmas present was a propagator and lots of seeds, so we're looking forward to some home-grown yumminess this year :-)
We also went swimming, shopping, did drawing, walking, playing, fighting, crawling, reading, the odd tantrum and lots and lots of sniffing up ma baby :-)

Hope you all had lovely weekends too, with or without a baby to sniff!


  1. Lovely doll! And wellies, too, Henry has the same ones - you can just about see the train under the mud lol ;) x

  2. Benny is just so proud of his wellies! No doubt they will soon be covered in mud and stuff, but for now we are loving their lovely shiney redness :-)

  3. It looks like you had such a lovely weekend! I am so envious of your green grass- and that you can begin working on your garden! Can't wait to see all that you grow.
    New rubber boots are always so much fun. :) Until they're worn outside and covered in mud they're fun inside too.
    And Laura, I just took a photo of Ezri and me, almost just like that one! It's so sweet!

  4. Ah Melanie, a baby sniffer too? How can we not be? x