Friday, March 11, 2011

creative kids

I live with a famous illustrator don't you know... Rebe sent some pictures in to a wonderful natural parenting magazine, Juno. Our copy arrived in the post today and there on page 8, in fact the whole of page 8 is one of Rebe's pictures :-)
It is of her in the woods. But that was not all, further on we found a little water colour that she had also sent in of a fairy.

The pleasure of seeing her pictures in print would have been enough but she actually won a set of four chapter books.

We received them in the post a few days ago (and I waited to post the picture here until we saw the magazine).

We've started reading a chapter a night. Oh, I had forgotten how lovely the wombles are. What a super prize and a very proud girl (and mama).

We did a really nice, simple and quick spring craft yesterday evening...
We had some big pine cones that we had collected with the intention of making into bird feeders. We sort of missed the boat with that one as spring is providing plenty of food for the little birds. So we wove some brightly coloured wool roving into the cones and hung them out for the birds to take little pieces to line their nests with.

We're having fun imagining all the brightly coloured little nests around the village :-)

One of the ways my children are creative everyday is with duplo. Today Benny has made this 'robot leg making machine'... well I'd say he didn't make the actual machine, but this is what he imagined it into.
The robot leg making machine

simply feed in blocks

and amazingly it makes robot's legs!
How I wonder at the natural creativity of the children. The joy they experience working with their hands and imaginations.
I do understand it though because I feel it too :-)


  1. How wonderful and exciting!
    I ♥ Juno magazine so much!
    I need to subscribe actually because I haven't seen the new edition yet!

  2. I saw it and though it was your Rebe! Congratulations to her. I loved the original Womble books. I remember checking them out of the library every week until I had read them all at least 3 times. Then, they became marketable and pop stars and all that fame stuff..:( Stick with the real thing. xxx

  3. How wonderful! I am so happy for Rebe! I have always marveled at how imaginative that girl of yours is. :)
    Great post, Laura!

  4. How wonderful Rebe, such beautiful drawings!

    The wonmbles books are so lovely, hope you have hours of joyful storytime :)