Sunday, March 13, 2011

spring fairies

With spring definitely here, I felt I wanted to make some spring like decorations for the kitchen. We don't have a seasonal table as such, but I try to have season appropriate decorations on the table and at the windows. What better decorations for this season than some little spring flower fairies, as suggested by The Children's Year craft along?
We got out our beads, threads, felt (and bananas).
Look at Benny's sewing face. This was the first time he has sewn like this with proper needle and thread and felt. He really enjoyed it and made 3 sets of 'dolls clothes'.

Rebe made this little rainbow fairy (with a little help). She also made her a tiny, tiny bed and even tiny-er knife and fork and plate.

I made a daffodil fairy,

a snowdrop fairy and a crocus fairy.

They are now hanging gaily from a big bunch of pussy willow we brought in. On the left you can see one of the dolls' clothes that Benny made :-)

I love the splash of colour they have brought to the table. And we had so much fun making them.

Today, the kids have been great, best friends and playing calmly and deeply (unlike yesterday when Rebe was just on constant melt down).

Here is Benny in his bin lorry...
He's steering and has his helpers with him, his doll Sally, and Lambie. He played this for a long time, it was wonderful to watch.

All in all we're a very happy family...
Love to you all x


  1. Those Spring Flower Fairies as simply gorgeous :)

  2. I love the spring tree and your spring fairies even more. Very clever :) Joe thinks so too, he has just told me.

  3. Those fairies are so lovely. And that family portrait is adorable!