Friday, March 4, 2011

a quick and easy birthday present

To Rebe's delight she got an invitation to a class mates' 5th Birthday party last week. She received the invitation on Wednesday afternoon and the party was on Friday. This meant if I wanted to buy a gift for the birthday girl, I would have to make a special trip into town. This I didn't want to do, and I also feel that somehow I am cheating if a gift is not homemade. So, we rolled out one of the old favourites that I thought I'd share with you:A homemade pinny. To make this I simply drew around one of Rebe's aprons onto some fabric I had, giving myself about 2 inches extra. This is because it was quite a small apron and I wanted to enlarge it some and also for the hem. I hemmed all around the edges, added a little pocket on the front. Made a neck band that fastens with a snap fasten. Two lengths of ribbon for the waist tie and Bob's your uncle.
We popped to the local shop and bought cake cases, fancy sprinkles and a 'very own' wooden spoon. To finish the gift we wrote out our favourite cakes recipe, decorated with lots of lovely pictures and patterns.
I have made this as a gift a few times, and sometimes elaborate it. I once made a little boy a gingerbread man version, with a cutter and a copy of the book. The kids always seem to appreciate it and I believe it better than just buying plastic junk for the sake of it.

We've had a really busy week and I have been purposely staying away from the computer to get things done, and to find lots of time with the kids. Benny and I have had lots of lovely mornings together, and I managed to capture this moment... While we were cooking ratatouille last week he discovered a 'fairy'; the reflection of the sunlight off his knife. It was a wonderful discovery to watch. The joys of simple things :-)

The weather has been so great here this week and the forecast is good for the weekend to I anticipate lots of outdoors time. Well, that's all for now...I suppose I should go and stop Joa ripping up our phone book anymore :-)

hugs x


  1. Beautiful bottom photo.
    I love how such simple things are interpreted by pure minds.

  2. What a great gift, so personal with the lovely recipe! x

  3. Great gift! And much better sized than the one I made! Love the decorated recipe!