Monday, August 22, 2011


Thanks to my mum, who minded all three of her grandchildren for us yesterday, Andy and I took the boat out together. look at me driving the boat!!!

woohoo whoop whoop

It was a gorgeous hot day. The sea was calm (so why did I get sea sick I want to know!). It was so incredibly quiet and peaceful. The scenery was amazing, we even saw what we think were a couple of dolphins!

We fished at a leisurely pace (and Andy wasn't grumpy once, not once I tell you).

ooooo what's this, something on the hook.... Och only yet another dog fish....but what is this, I have a bite...

yay yay a 5lb cod!! Caught by me which is now in the fridge awaiting eating :-)

It was a very lovely day x


  1. Oh I miss the sea, lovely pics x

  2. You awesome lady you. . . and so beautiful to boot!

  3. sigh....these photos really, really make me want to return to the beach...
    and you look just so lovely...and that fish! HUGE!!

  4. thank you ladies :-) Rebecca, I think once you've been near to the sea, being away from it is so hard, it's the rhythm and the peace and the movement I think. hugs x x

  5. Looking good, Mrs A! I didn't recognize you in that first photo, all red hair and rosy cheeks. Nice cod-piece, too.