Sunday, August 14, 2011

sunny sunday morning

We went for a walk in the woods this morning. We took buckets in case we found things.

We fed Benny's dragon on the way past.

We found hazel nuts on the trees,

and creatures in the rock pools.

Off to dabble his feet in the sea.

Tiny Joa foot prints making my heart swell :-)

It was cold, but Joa can't get enough of dipping his toes in.

I found this beautiful crystal just where I was standing.

Because there is so much angling going on where we live we always find lengths of fishing line washed up on the beach. We often tie them to sticks to make our own rods and catch seaweed-fish.

Joa now has a job...

clearing the beach of seaweed by throwing it back into the sea. There is a very loud song that goes with this job :-)

Home again to crack the nuts we found (none of them were any good, either empty or not ripe...oh well, it's all in the doing isn't it?)

Now the kids are off with Andy digging for sandeels, Joa is resting and I'm, well I'm blogging :-)

Hope you all are having a wonderful sunday too x

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  1. What a wonderful walk. Nothing like a walk on a Sunday. How lucky for you all that you are close to the sea. Love Joa's footprint in the sand. That sort of thing makes my heart swell too!