Tuesday, August 16, 2011

a homemade peter pan party

Well Rebe is tucked up in bed. A big six year old. Wow, how did six whole years happen since I was holding that tiny little 4 lb 12 oz baby in my arms? We have a wonderful day, it was everything I could have hoped for her.

The excitement started yesterday getting everything ready for the party today.

We made costumes. Benny was going to be Captain Hook so we needed to make him a hook, a sword and a hat.

Hook's hook :-)

His sword. He was so delighted with these that he played with them all day and they were pretty much broken by the time the party happened. Oh well, you just can't beat cardboard, silver paper and sellotape though!

We made our own party bags by stamping plain paper with potato prints.

Joa was particularly good at this, although he did keep trying to eat the potatoes.

They made very sweet (and very cheap) party bags.

Waiting to be filled with home baked goodies and a balloon and a little bean bag.

Rebe made a whole stack of bean bags for her friends to take home in their party bags. They turned out really cute. I'm not sure if they will appreciate them but I loved her sentiment in making them.

We also did lots of baking and some tidying up and hanging up of balloons.

After the kids were in bed I wrapped her wee presents and set the birthday table.

In the morning she opened her presents. We kept it very small and simple. 4 things: 'Something you want (Peter Pan doll), something you need (new school bag)...

something to wear (Peter Pan dress) and something to read (Usbourne Grimm's Fairy Tales)'

We sang happy birthday and waited for her friends to arrive.

When they did we played party games (I have no pictures as I was too busy organising the little troop). We played 'cats and dogs' and 'hunt the thimble' and 'musical statues'. It wasn't a big party, we had 6 guests, one of which was a little friend for Benny so he wasn't left out.

We ate a feast
and cut the cake.

After this all the kids went upstairs and played a beautiful game with lego that they made up themselves. I had an hour down stairs cleaning up, making dinner and even hanging out the washing! I was fully expecting to have to be all singing and all dancing for the whole time the kids were here and I kept wondering should I go and bring them down to play party games. They were so happy and peacful though I didn't want to disturb them.

Joa cleaned up the crumbs.

It was so calm and peaceful, I still can't quite believe it.

We had a little lucky dip to find a prize to put in their party bags as they went home.

It was a lovely party, and Rebe had a lovely day :-)


  1. Bright Birthday Blessings to Rebe!
    It looks as though you had a wonderful day. I am in awe of your creativity and wonderful home made goodness, inspiring indeed :)
    Love Gina xx

  2. Lovely. I love all the Peter panage!

  3. Happy 6th birthday beautiful Rebe :)

  4. Happy Birthday to your sweet Rebe. What a wonderful celebration and I just love that cake!

  5. Looks like a lovely party for a little girl and her friends. Happy Birthday Rebe!

  6. Lovely photos, Happy birthday Rebe :-)

  7. Happy birthday Rebe and the party looks and sounds fab x

  8. Oh, and "Now We Are Six!" Oh six is so special, Laura! Happy, happy birthday!
    This looks like the absolute perfect way to celebrate Rebe, and I love your four gifts idea.
    HUGS, you have a six year old!

  9. Laura, Happy happy day to you and Rebe! She looks so thrilled with her day:) We celebrate our birthdays so similar to you, from the handmade gift bags to the number of guests (the same as the age they are turning) to themed parties. And on and on. But that cake is outstanding! Happy birthing day, Laura.
    xo Jules

  10. Happy days, lovely pictures, cheers Marie

  11. Hello all, thanks for the lovely comments and birthday wishes for Rebe :-)
    Yes Mel, six is indeed a good number and the poem is so great :-)

  12. What a lovely party! I love that cake, doll, dress! All adorable!

  13. Happy Birthday Rebe. It looks like she had a fantastic day. My daughter is only two days younger than Rebe so it's been birthday time here too.

  14. sounds like the perfect fun but relaxed party