Thursday, August 11, 2011

Our Angel Day

Yesterday was our Angel day. After 9 years together Andy and I got married. It was the perfect day, we loved every second of it. We had the perfect cake, made by the kids. Rebe seemed to be a bit of an authority on weddings (I don't know how she knows all this stuff) but she knew that a wedding cake had lots of layers, so we had 3 layers decorated to perfection :-)

We have the perfect wedding rings. These rings were made for us by a very creative friend who lives locally ( The gold decorating the bands was taken from a cross and chain that Andy had bought for me as a gift 8 years ago that I never wore. I just love them so much, they couldn't be more perfect.

Our car even had ribbons (another thing Rebe knew about).

We all looked so smart and beautiful, waiting to go into the registry office.

The kids all sat very sweetly and watched us take our vows.

Dear Helen and Karl who were out witnesses for us.
We went to a little park next to the registry office to throw confetti, which the kids really enjoyed.Then we went to a restaurant for lunch

Tiring work this getting married. We came home after lunch and rested, the heavens had opened and the rain was pouring down.

We cut the cake and vegged out for the afternoon. The boys were very tired so we decided instead of going out to eat again we would stay at home at put a pizza in the oven.

We popped a bottle of champagne that our neighbours had given us.

Rebe had a taste (and did a really funny face)

We got the kids into bed at a normal time leaving the evening for me...

...and my husband.

It was a very special day and everything I would have ever wanted it to be.


  1. Congratulations! I hope you had a lovely day :)

  2. Oh my, what a wonderful and most perfect day, congratulations Mr and Mrs Angel :) xx

  3. Huge congratulations!!! I am so pleased that you had the day that you wanted. That makes it mean so much. Blessings!

  4. What a wonderful day! Many congratulations!

  5. Oops, forgot to say, I love your wedding dress, you look so radiant :)

  6. Totally wonderful, congratulations, a simple wedding is the very best kind, so special. Reminds me of mine 12 years ago, just two friends and lots of fun x

  7. Oh congratulations, that's wonderful :-)

  8. Oh Laura, you've got me in tears. I love everything about your wedding day- you look so radiant and beautiful!!!! HUGE HUGS!

  9. Huge congratulations,what a perfect day!
    You all look very happy, many congratulations for the future Mr and Mrs and family xxx

  10. Many congratulations! we also had a small personal wedding and it was perfect, just like yours looked! I love the cake xx

  11. Congratulations! Such a special day for you both and for the little ones too! Just look at all that happiness and love! You look beautiful! Hooray for all of you!!