Sunday, August 21, 2011

maize maze

My mum is here for a visit at the moment. We're having a wonderful time together. We've been busy with trips to the beach, the supermarket, a ladies day in the city (to restock my wardrobe a little). Yesterday after a quiet morning at home we went to the other side of our bay to a maze. It was made out of corn. I love the idea of this, the fun someone had in designing, planting and watching it grow. There were actually 2 mazes here, a childs one and a grown ups one. In each there are clues and things to find.

We plunged into the children's maze excited to pursue the challenge of finding 6 animals, reading their names and making a list of them to show the lady.

Best of all was the bell at the centre of the maze.

We all ling-a-linged with gusto

even Joa :-)

As a reward for finding all the animals in the maze we went to the little cafe on the way home for ice cream and carrot cake.

It was so much fun. The next couple of days should be fun too. Andy and I are going fishing in the boat today and tomorrow is my 31st birthday and we have another fun day trip planned :-)

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  1. Oh how fun. Corn mazes are a huge big deal here in New England- though they always seem to coincide with Halloween and are far too scary to go through!