Saturday, August 13, 2011

Peter Pan dress

We're settling back into normal life after the whirlwind of the past couple of weeks. Andy's been fishing a couple of times, yesterday he took Benny (who was just in heaven). They brought home this wonderful 5lb bass :-)

Rebe's been listening to the Famous Five. I had given her a tape a few weeks ago and she has listened to it non-stop. Today we made a trip to the library where she asked the librarian to help her find some more tapes. To her delight they had loads and she chose 2 of them. She's up in her room now happily listening to their adventures and making things.

Joa's been doing lots of walking

and bringing.

I've been sewing.

It's Rebe's birthday in a couple of days and I have been working on a couple of things for her. She absolutely loves the patchwork dress I made (see sidebar for details), in fact she loves it so much I have to sneak it away to wash it, it is a 'she' and is called 'Patchy'. So I thought I would try and make her another dress she would love as much:

It's made from an upcycled t-shirt of Rebe's and an old cot sheet of Joa's. One of the things Rebe loves about Patchy is how comfortable she is (I do feel mental talking about a dress like this!) so I wanted to use cotton interlock/t-shirt material. I dyed the fabric dark green, sewed one bit to the other and added the Peter Pan and Tinker Bell motif.

I hope she'll love it, I'm pleased it came out so well.

I'm also just finishing off her Peter Pan doll.

This little Tinkerbell is just missing her knitted dress. I'll do a separate doll post when she's finished.

So far married life is pretty good :-)


  1. Laura, you are so darn creative! I love the peter pan dress! I love tinker bell! I love it all!
    Joa walking is too cute- you're so funny too the way you describe ordinary things, walking and bringing! That so describes a one year old. :)
    Don't feel weird about Patchy, I often refer to my sewing machine as if she were a person. . . ;)

  2. Thanks Mel, glad I'm not the only mad person talking about dresses and things in this way ;-)hugs x

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