Wednesday, August 24, 2011

experiencing the Ewe

Yesterday was my 31st Birthday and I got to do something that I have been wanting to do for ages. We visited the Ewe experience in Glengarriff ( and it was just the best, most magical day. It is definitely more than a sculpture gallery or display or even garden. It truly is an experience a feast for all senses and a delight for all ages. The setting is incredible; it has a little waterfall, a steam with pools, beautiful woodland, vistas over the west Cork hills, a gorgeous garden and house. The whole place is sustainable and eco and it has been created with love and care poured into every detail.

We started our visit with a delicious cream tea (it had been a long drive after all). It was better than any theme park for the children. There was so much to do and see and experience without the noise and bustle and craziness. There was such a sense of peace and tranquility that poured into every person that was there. I saw no unhappy, whinging, winy people, not one!

The sculptures were fabulous and were of all sorts of different media, with different messages.

Some celebrated motion and movement.

Others were humorous, many were hidden within the landscape.

There were many made of natural materials that blended into the setting There were lots of spaces for people to make their own sculpture, to get down and play with natures building materials.

There were dinosaurs

but we weren't scared (well, not really).

We became part of the sculptures, here Benny is being part of a great sundial, his shadow was telling us it was nearly 2 o'clock (time to have our picnic).

There were games to play

and adventures to be had.

What fuel for the imagination! Have you ever seen such royalty?

On every level the kids enjoyed it. Joa was awash with texture and smells and sights and sounds. He walked most of the way himself, climbing over rocks and pausing over the bridges to watch the stream run underneath.

There was a great deal of picking up stones and putting them down somewhere else.

Rebe's own frog sculpture :-)

Benny found Ninian The Terrible's key!

Although we were all looking at the same things in the same places we all saw something different. Here Joa is looking past the man-(well woman) made sculptures of fish and is pointing at the water falling down the rocks behind the art. The movement and the noise of the water was what caught and held his attention, while I feasted my eyes on the shapes made by a very clever artist.

There was a 'spin the rock' for story telling.

Rebe had a 'call of nature'

I was moved by words.

We ended our trip with edible ice cream sculptures, oh so tasty :-)

It was a completely brilliant birthday :-)


  1. Dear Laura, happy happy birthday to you! It looks perfect, this place- I want to go there! Another reason to visit.
    <3 HUGS

  2. we were supposed to go this weekend just gone, but had to cancel the hotel cos we were sick, sick, sick!

    my friend Leigh came back raving about it too - hence why I wanted to go. I really must introduce you guys!!

  3. what a beautiful place. happy birthday!

  4. Wow, what a wonderful birthday you had....just gorgeous. Happy Birthday :) xx

  5. thank you all, Mel the list is growing!! Lucy, when you're feeling better do go, it really is so wonderful (and call on us on your way home) x

  6. Happy Birthday, it looks like you had a fantastic day :-) x

  7. Happy Birthday Laura. That looks a fantastic place, glad you had a wonderful day.