Sunday, March 25, 2012

bits and pieces from the last week

Hello there :-) Gosh I've been here so little of late.
To be really honest I got a bit of a fright when I worked out how much time I've been spending online and also to be really honest Andy pointed out to me how grumpy I was being with him, the kids and myself and we blame it on my time in front of the screen, so I have been really trying to cut down on my time on the computer.
And it's been good, I have had my camera with me (though not as much) and here is a little bit of what I've been doing in real life :-)
Making lots of hats. I'm now working on number 3 of this pattern, though with a different yarn. I love being able to knit little things for wee tiny people expected earth side in 2012!
Rebe had a bad patch of eczema behind both knees, so I thought we'd try and make our own bubble bath and shampoo to see if staying clear of soap will help a little. She put her amber necklace back on also and it has pretty much all cleared up :-)

My mum came to visit and we had such a lovely time with her. I picked up a copy of Milly-Molly-Mandy in a charity shop a few weeks ago and it turns out Bubs used to love these stories too when she was little. We had been wondering about all of the sweeties MMM ate. As these things happen when we were in town last week we found a traditional sweet shop that stocked all of the sweeties mentioned in the book!
A grandma's prerogative to treat the kids...

Milly Molly Mandy heaven :-)

We also took Bubs back to Lisselan Gardens where we came across ladybird central.

The conditions must have been perfect because there were hundreds of them everywhere!
Joa loved them and was really practicing gentle hands

a bit of important building in the glorious spring sunshine..

We also visited Katie's Chocolate, a wonderful chocolate shop in Bandon. The kids tried a little shot glass of melted milk chocolate whilst watching Charlie and he Chocolate Factory which was being shown.

Joa loved it to...before...


Och some more random things now:

loving Tiny

rescuing all the flowers from the lawn mower

a much reduced hats and gloves basket at the front door

fresh, tender lettuces

the beginnings of a special place being built

strawberry hat number 3= happiness

I've also been busy making dolls, these are a few of the custom dolls I've been working on of late:

a boy baby dolldark haired baby dollblond baby dollSara (a very special doll) she loves hedgehogs and who doesn't. Isn't the fabric gorgeous, I had to get enough to make Rebe a dress too for her birthday of course!

...and not a doll but me and a new hair cut...
I really love it, it feels so good and light
hugs :-)


  1. Oh wow, Laura I love the hairdo!!! It's fabulous! I had something similar a few years ago. :)
    Oh I love all of this, all your creative makings- and I too have been somewhat away from the computer.
    I got your wonderful letter and it really made my week! I am in the process of working on one for you.

  2. Oh Laura,

    I love seeing your children, and the candies, and the knit hats, and your haircut!

    the computer does act like a pit that we can fall into and sink.....

    Just wishing that I could sit in the sun with you and watch your little ones build things....


  3. How fun!! Your dolls are gorgeous as always. I would like to invite you to share at our new linky party for family times at Thank you!!