Tuesday, March 27, 2012

spring sunshine

Oh my, how beautiful the weather is here at the moment. Blue skies morning til night and with the clocks changing we are really get the best of it. Out in the garden as soon as we have got dressed, watching the fishing boats come and go.

Snacking outdoors

Always time for a bit of doll making here and there though.

I had to take Joa to the nurse for some vaccinations this morning and while we were in town I had a peep into the charity shop and found this sweet little dress for this sweet little girl:

It's got the perfect pockets, you'd be amazed how much she can fit in them!

After Joa's afternoon nap we popped up to the green at the top of our road for a run around.

Benny took his comet ball (which he can nearly throw into space) and Rebe her kite.

Unfortunately there was NO wind and flying a kite with no wind is very hard work and can make you feel very sad and grumpy and cranky...especially if you simply won't give up and do something else.

But she kept trying over and over bless her.

and Benny got hold of the camera...

mama knitting

comet ball after re-entry

watching another kite attempt

more knitting and more tantrums...

In fact poor Rebe got so caught up in her emotions she ended up on the grass in floods of tears. I had to take the boys home then come and give her a cuddle and bring her home herself. A bath, bear rub and an early night for her.

Still it was a beautiful spring day tantrums and all :-)

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