Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Yarn Along

This week I am joining Ginny with her yarn along. I don't knit much to be honest these days and I am also not doing an awful lot of reading (apart from in the bath), but this week I have been doing both so I thought I'd share. To the knitting first. This is the re-purposed yarn that I found in the form of a scarf a month or so ago in a charity shop. It is brand new (well, apart from having been knitted into something...but that something was never worn).

This is going to be a sweater for a little baby doll that will soon be appearing in my shop. I have been working on 4 of these babies of late and my work room is more like a nursery than anything else...not that I'm complaining :-)

And now to the book... One of my intentions for this year was to get more in touch with my cycle. Our monthly menstrual cycles hold so much power, but in our society they are a mere biological fact and we are taught to think of them in that way. For me they are a nuisance and only have only really served as an excuse to be cross or as an indicator of whether or not I am pregnant.

But now my baby years are over I want to embrace them and this book is a key! It is unlocking the power of the cycle, the power of the feminine.
The author gently brings to us our place within the world, within the cycle of the moon, within the cycle of our lives. She gives beautiful stories and descriptions of celebrations and rites of passage. She shows us our inner power and how to connect with that. She offers a number of really beautiful exercises to reach within, to understand and draw out our own womanhood.

It really is a great read and I am so glad that I have this book, to read and to come back to time and time again. I will certainly be talking about it more in this space, but I am also so very grateful that Lucy wrote this book before my daughter begins this time of her life, so that right from the beginning I can teach her the true power of her moon time.

But to make this book even more special, I am very honored to call the author a friend of mine (look that 'Laura' in the dedicationis me!). We met a few years ago when our kids were babies and she has been a deep and wonderful inspiration for me and I know she will continue to be so.

I love her deeply and she is certainly one of my favourite writers...and not just because she is my friend...just read this and you will see...


  1. Sweet heart, soul sister, thank you for sharing this. Aisling just saw the picture of the book and said "mama, book" nothing gets past her two year old eyes!

    1. well Lucy, it is her baby sister after all ;-) x

  2. I have that book!!!!!!! I have dabbled into it so far rather than read it cover to cover, but it's quite fascinating!

    Your yarn is looking gorgeous!

    1. isn't it fab!!! I am doing the drawings of the archetypal women. I have done my crone one, the part of the cycle I am on and will do them all in the coming month. I may share them here at some point. I love the tea ceremony too, such a beautiful idea :-)

  3. Laura...I am so inspired by your in-home-group with the littles. That sounds wonderful and just what I need to cope with being so alone in the adult sense for so much of the week! Brilliant! Now, it's just about getting people in sync. It seems around here, many people (including myself) find reasons that dates won't work, and being spontaneous is so much easier. But I thrive on rhythm so maybe this is something I can work on. Thanks for the inspiration! Also, how exciting to be in the dedication of a book:) I'm intrigued for that read.
    xo Jules