Monday, March 19, 2012

monday mornings, crafting and a find

I actually really love Monday mornings and for this reason: The utter sweetness of the children's love of the bin lorry coming to empty our bins. They call to each other when they hear it, Joa shouting 'Lo Lo' at the top of his voice. They watch it every time as if they have never seen it before and we are very lucky to have a bin man who ALWAYS waves at them. What a great way to start the week :-)

Another little thing I don't want to forget is how the kids always look for a pattern in how they sit. 'Look' explains Rebe 'Boy-Girl-Boy... but only if we do it this way round'.

They look for patterns in everything and the seating arrangement at the table is always a place they try and figure out our pattern.

We've been doing a fair bit of crafting. I have been trying to really limit my time in front of the computer and as a result I have found many more pockets of time in my day for crafts.

We got a wonderful parcel through the post last week from a lovely friend filled with pieces of cowboy material. So of course straight away we set out to use some and we made this:

What every cowboy needs,

a hot squash holster :-) There will be many more cowboy projects to come, thank you Nicole :-)

Benny has been making dolls:

this is his 'Avocado Baby' with many, many eyes, and I have been doing some rainbow knitting:

for my friends baby due so soon.

A wee while ago I was walking along the beach when I found this little lump of wet wool, I picked it up shook it out and found this gorgeous jumper:

Oh I bet some one's mummy was cross they left this behind!

But I think it will be the perfect fishing jumper for a certain someone in this house,

Someone who will be 4 in a couple of months and is growing so so fast! And someone who will adore these fishing buttons :-)

So I think limiting my screen time has been good, it has felt good too and I think I am going to really try and keep it up, I certainly get more done!


  1. Glad you've found some magical time - mine's very elusive! Lovely cowboy things and those buttons are cute :)

  2. Hi Sammy, it is hard to carve some time out. The buttons are great from my fav shop on etsy...I've more coming too :-)
    gypsy: I know I couldn't believe it!! x