Friday, March 30, 2012


It's like summer here at the moment, it truly is. I keep pinching myself that it is still only March. I even went up to the attic yesterday to unearth what we have in the ways of summer clothes (hmmm I have a fair bit of sewing to do!)

But it has been glorious enough for shorts,
eating dinner outside,

coffee and real snail mail (oh I am rediscovering the pure joy that is proper letter writing, and so it seems are many other's)
It has also been hot enough for sunhats. The kids have outgrown theirs from last year so I sat at my machine last night, pushed aside the dolls clothes and made these:

I made up the pattern using these directions.

Benny's is using some of the wonderful parcel of cowboy fabric we got from Nicole.

Rebe's is lovely and summery and they are both really delighted. I was so surprised how well they came out, they took an hour each, and are reversible, bright and light.

Lovely sunshine :-)


  1. hello sweetie, and I am in the process of a real letter for you too! I only really have snatches here and there.
    I made my first sunhat last year and was also very pleased with how fast, simple and cute they are! I love the ones you made- so colorful! I have plans to make one for myself, and a couple more kid ones.
    Have a great weekend, much love to you!

    1. Hi Mel, it crossed my mind to make myself one too, perhaps out linen? x x

  2. Hi sweet friend! I am still working on your letter. We got your gorgeous hat in the mail yesterday too! We had a bit of a scare this week. Deirdre was in the hospital for viral meningitis. It was just terrible. I have just gotten back on the computer to catch up. It really took us for a loop. At any rate, your letter will be on it's way soon and I will fill you in on it all. Hugs and I love the hats!!!

    1. Oh no Nicole, poor D!!! I hope she's better soon, for some reason your blog has stopped appearing in my reading list, will have to pop over and catch up. Poor little mite, sorry the hat is MASSIVE lol but I'm glad it arrived. love and hugs x x