Sunday, March 18, 2012

a jolly good hike

These pictures are actually from last weekend, but I have not been able to post them until now.

The weather was glorious, full of spring in the air. We spent the morning together crafting. I had picked up a couple of wooden peg people a while back and they had been hidden away in my crafting drawer. Rebe's little boy

such neat stitching

Benny's cowboy (of course)

As it was so nice we decided to head on out. Rebe is still completely in love with Famous Five and has been listening to Five on a Hike on audio tape of late borrowed from the library so she suggested that we be Famous Five and go on a hike.

We took a basket of essential items and headed off towards the woods.

In a very scary way we found some of the first bluebells out (wow they are almost 2 months early, boy the weather is doing some crazy things!)

Julian in the lead and Dick following

sunshine on the sea

It was a very long walk (we walked for nearly 2 and half hours) but we did have lots of breaks

eating buttered rolls

enjoying the fresh air and peace

finding violets

having another break

more early wakers

Joa walked the final part home (he'd been on my back in the sling) after a play on the beach

we had plenty of finds to add to our nature table

And the thing about a jolly good hike is that you deserve a jolly good meal afterwards

complete with carob cake and buns :-)

It was a jolly nice day!

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