Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wooden spoon puppet ~ tutorial

This is such a great craft, I have made these a few times. It's one of those craft activities that can suit any age group, they are simple enough to make, but can be made as elaborate or simple as you want. So here's how to make a wooden spoon puppet...

Draw around a dinner plate on a piece of fabric and cut out.

Make a small mark in the middle of the fabric and about 5 cm on each side of the centre. Snip a cross on each mark. The middle hole is for the handle of the spoon and the other 2 are for thumb and forefinger to make the puppets arms, like this:

Now decorate the costume. This is the fun part and you can let your imagination go wild. Try glitter, felt, buttons, other pieces of fabric, sequins, ribbon etc...

Now you can attach the costume to the spoon. Do this by slipping the spoon through the centre hole and gathering the material at the neck and securing tightly with an elastic band. It's as simple as that!

This puppet has a little felt collar which hides the elastic band, but this is not necessary.

Now for hair, I happen to have lots of coloured wool roving, so we used that, but again you can use whatever you have handy: wool yarn, string, ribbon, cut paper, straw or you can even just draw it on.

Whatever you use put a good dollop of glue on the top of the spoon and attach the hair.
This puppet has long hair that I plaited on each side.
Now for the face,

stick on googly eyes if you have them, wax crayon works great for drawing on little mouths and cheeks.
If you want to have accessories you could make crowns or hats from paper, necklaces, cloaks and so on.
Now all you need to do is name it...

They were great fun to make and the kids love playing with them too :-)

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