Sunday, March 4, 2012


This weekend has been filled with so much joy.

The joy of leisure, the joy of spending time as a family. We had a fabulous visit with some friends of ours. They have very kindly given us some growing room on their wonderful farm which we are so so excited about and I will blog more about in the future.

We had such a lovely day today, it began with pancakes using Amanda's recipe,
Rebe ate 8, and that after 2 bowls of cereal!

The weather was incredible, clear blue skies. What a joy!
Joa and I went for a walk together and I noticed our shadow and had a little twang...
he is my last baby, my shadow won't have 2 heads for much longer :-( How I have loved carrying all my babies! It gives us such closeness. Joa is now weaned but we still use the sling daily, I think perhaps stopping slinging him may be more bitter sweet than stopping the boob...maybe I'll just have to get super strong so I can carry him until he's bigger than me ;-)

our walk was glorious

I am trying to walk mindfully (a blog post about this coming up) as often as I can, and how wonderful that is.The pussy willow made me smile

hello spring!And because I was walking so mindfully I got a message. I find that if I stop thinking and planning when I am walking or in nature and just be I often hear a message. Today's message was to be like a tree. A tree has roots and much of it's strength lies in it's rootedness to the ground (family, culture, society, connection to the earth) but it's great strength is in it's structure; it's trunk and boughs. I heard that I must ensure my strength (physical, spiritual and emotional) before I can branch out. If I spread too many branches before my trunk is ready to support them I will buckle, a wind could blow me over, up root me. I want to be able to grow and give fruit, to pass my gifts on, but no fruit will grown on a tree that has no strength. I must be strong and stable and take care of my core, not until then can I reach my branches to the heavens and touch the sky.

There was also time for doll making and knitting, reading, eating, laughing and whoop whoop...

rhubarb crumble :-)

Hope you also had a joy filled weekend :-)


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the lovely weather.

  2. Spring has sprung here too. Delightful.

  3. Hey Laura, sounds like a perfect weekend. I loved your analogy about being more like a tree - that really resonates with me! I too, try to clear my mind when out walking (it is so hard not to make endless lists!) and appreciate the sights and sounds of nature. Thanks for a lovely post xx (I love your dolls - they looks so sweet)

  4. What a wonderful weekend. Just how it should be. And what a wonderful message. A message I should take heed of too, so thank you for sharing it.

  5. hi all, thanks for your lovely comments :-) x