Monday, June 4, 2012

baking and craftng

We had a long weekend and it was so odd really. We had two really grotty days sandwiched in between 2 glorious ones. Needless to say the grotty ones were really difficult and we were all liked caged animals, snapping at each other and roaming around for things to do. In weather like that we always do lots of baking (and therefore eating) and crafting.
I let Rebe bake ALONE for the first time. She used this book, all the kids love it and often read it over and over. Each step is illustrated and the words are easy to read. I asked Rebe to read the recipe to me first so she knew what she was going to do and then I let her go. I sat down round the corner, in the room, but not. 

and I knitted away on her rainbow jumper while she baked.

 and she was so so proud. I remember the first time my mum trusted me to bake alone and funnily enough I baked jam tarts too. In fact this weekend Rebe has baked no less than 3 batches of jam tarts (though it's not her fault, she says Benny forced her too!)

 This is the other baking that was done...
 ...which was fine, but then of course they got carried away and I found they had thrown mud at the house and each other and everything had to be hosed down...yes including the kids!

I have been doing lots of crafting too. I am making this little dolly for the craft along I've been doing through my Under Rainbows Face book page.

I've also finished a pair of baby dolls...
 twins :-) I'll share a pic of them soon :-)
Another good thing that happened this weekend was that I ran a 5km fun run to raise money for Rebe's school. I was so proud of myself, I have been walking quite a bit of late and would really love to do more running again. Perhaps this is the start!
Hope you had a good weekend :-) x


  1. Well done on the run! And Rebe's baking looks better than mine.

    1. thanks very much :-) her baking tasted good too, the boys love her jam tarts :-)

  2. Wow, I love the look of those jam tarts! Any chance you would share the recipe???

    I love reading your updates by the way.

    1. Hi Hnnah :-) I will of course. It's very simple really: plain flour (spelt, wheat, whatever) half the amount of butter as there is flour then cold water enough to mix into a good ball solid enough to roll out. Cut out circle shapes and put in jam tart tray thingy Not sure that's the technical term), half fill the tarts with jam, into a hot oven for 15 mins and there you go :-)
      let me know how you get on, Rebe will be so thrilled! x

    2. So, if I use 2 cups of flour I would need 1 cup of butter and can I do it in the food processor?

      Also, do I need to grease the muffin tray?

      Thanks so much for sharing!

    3. Rebe says to grease the muffin tin, and yes our recipe is for 6 oz flour and 3 oz butter and about 6 teaspoons of cold water :-) cut butter into flour and rub until like bread crumbs then add water enough til it comes together :-) x

  3. Oh my gosh Laura! Thank you for visiting my blog! I amsuch a huge fan of your dollies!!! I lovelovelovelove your blog too! SO sweet and beautiful and fun! I think you are such multi-talended mama!

    Thank you for sharing your lives with us ;)

    Samantha (Woodland Woolens)

    1. Thanks Samantha :-) I love your blog too and your dolls are so full of love and sweetness. You're very kind to say such lovely things, hugs x x

  4. Oh, look at Rebe and her jam tarts- she looks so proud! And oh yes, having to hose down the children- gotta love that! Those baby doll toes are just so sweet- can't wait to be introduced to the twins!

  5. The toes!!! Too, too sweet! My KCCO project is here: