Friday, June 8, 2012

waldorf baby dolls

 I'd like to introduce to you Under Rainbow's first set of twins :-)
 Baby T
 Baby Y ~ a pair of custom order baby dolls ready to set off to Australia to be with their little mama and papa :-)
 I really love these newborn style dolls :-) I was asked in January by one of my face book fans to make her daughter a newborn style heavy doll. I had a go and loved the result and so, it seems, to lots of other people because I have had so many request for them.
 The dolls are button jointed meaning that they sit, lie and move like a real baby. They are also weighted with organic millet which gives them a really lovely weight to hold (although this does make them unsuitable for smaller kids).
 They fit tiny baby and newborn sized clothing and are just utterly sweet. Like all of my dolls they come with hand knitted booties and hat and optional cardi.
 Their fingers and toes are detailed and they come wearing a little cloth nappy.
 I would have loved one of these dolls when I was little. I had a rubber doll called Jane, whom I loved with all of my heart. She was my absolute pride, given to me on my 4th Birthday by my mum and dad. She is still in a box in my mum's house, sadly she has not worn well, I will try and get a picture of her when I am there at the end of the month.
Although I loved Jane so much, my big problem with her was that she was really uncomfortable. Her fingers were poke-y and jaggy and that made her difficult to cuddle and carry. I actually carried her by her hair for this reason and although I wanted to she wasn't a baby doll I could co-sleep with or wear in a sling.
 These baby dolls are perfect for that and in fact one of my aims for the summer is to make a sling pattern so wee baby wearers can carry their baby dolls close to them.
This little papa certainly couldn't keep his hands off them. He really wanted to change their nappies over and over coo-ing 'Baby baby' to them :-)


  1. They are incredible, well done x

    1. thanks sammy :-) You're wee snuggle buddy is on her way to you (with love) x

  2. Your dolls are beautiful an well worth every penny. Sally still has a very special place in my daughters heart. Due to being lifted up by one of her legs (my DD will make a lovely Mum one day!) it's starting to get a bit loose. How would you recommend best fixing it? Thanks

    1. Hi Michelle, lovely to hear from you :-) Do you have a long shank needle? Basically a really long one? Will you email me and I can give you some more instruction? If it gets very bad you can send her back to me and I can strengthen it again for you. Glad to hear that she is so well loved, nd the best thing about non-plastic dolls is that they can be repaired :-) x

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