Saturday, June 23, 2012

Birthday Buttons

 It seems that the boys' birthday presents from us this year consisted of gorgeous buttons...with things to go under them.
A few months ago I got my favorite button maker to make us some special buttons for each child. While I was ordering them I also found these wonderful fishing buttons,
 perfect for a fisherman's jumper.

The buttons I ordered for Benny were of course cowboys

 I made him a cowboy waistcoats out of upcycled fleece to go under them,
 complete with a sheriff's badge.

 He was pleased and wore his new cowboy clothes all day

Joa got Dogger buttons. His special wee toy is a little plush dog that looks like this.
 I made Joa's waistcoat out of a felted upcycled jumper.
Oh how I love buttons :-) and how I love these little boys (as I type this Joa is sitting on my knee pointing to the above picture of him saying 'nohnah' which means snotter ;-P)


  1. Replies
    1. he's so proud to be able to say snotter lol

  2. How cute! The kiddies are adorable! Thanks for sharing the pictures with me and letting me know the buttons worked out for you. I'm so glad!


  3. buttons by robin is my favorite button shop too (thanks to you for mentioning them)! I hadn't realized she could do custom ones- I need blue jay buttons!
    I love your creations, Laura!

    1. thanks Mel, I'm sure she'll make you the perfect buttons :-)