Thursday, June 21, 2012

rodent rescue number 2

Do you remember last June Rebe rescued a mouse from the clutches of our cat? 
Well, this year it was Benny's turn. We saw Tiny playing with something in the garden and all raced out to see what she had. At first we thought there was nothing there, then we saw the grass (which was not long only 2 inches or so) move and Benny knelt down and rescued a tiny, tiny pygmy shrew.
Oh my goodness, it was the sweetest little thing ever like a wee tiny elephant with it's funny long nose.
We had a little turn at holding it each (and Rebe tried to persuade it to accidentally climb up here sleeve the way the mouse did).
But after a wee while Benny carefully took him back outside to where we found him and released him back into the wild of our back garden...
Good old rodent rescue team :-)


  1. how gorgeous, hurrah for your little rodent rescuers! x

  2. My dads been fishing birds out of his living room today!

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