Tuesday, June 5, 2012

a new woodland hide out

What kind of summer weather is this? I ask you!!
 We suffered one day of it at home this weekend and then we just had to get out. We put on warm clothes and waterproofs and went off to the woods. When we got there we found that Bluebell Hideout  had disappeared!!
 There were tell tale tractor tracks and I'm telling you someone is going to have a warm and cozy winter fire this year. But this has left us without a hide out. So we endeavored to build ourselves a new one.
 We found a good spot, secluded and up near the top of a hill (so we can watch out for baddies)
 We started by leaning good thick branches up against a strong tall tree
 adding smaller and smaller branches to fill in the gaps
 over the top of this we layered bracken

 it's great (even though I say so myself!)

 I think we'll have lots of adventures here.
I am interested to see if other children will discover and use it as they did Bluebell hideout. That was so well used bu the end that there was a proper path trodden down there :-)

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