Monday, June 18, 2012

Joa is 2

My dear sweet darling Joa is 2!!

We had a lovely day. It started early, the kids were so excited and were up earlier than usual. We opened presents upon waking.

 A 'Where the Wild Things Are' crown from Rebe and  Max doll from me.
A duplo tractor and animals from my mum and dad that he is so thrilled with and has played with non stop.
We went for an ice cream in the late morning at our very favorite cafe in the world
and played on the beach on the way home.

We had a tea party in the afternoon with our neighbours. It was simple and joyful and lovely. I am so happy that Joa is here, in this world, he brings us so much joy. He is so happy and funny and very cuddly.
Happy Birthday dear sweet boy x x


  1. Ohh what a beautiful day it looks like Joa had a wonderful memorable day!! Happy Birthday Joa!!!
    P.S. I love your birthday candle ring it quite lovely!!

    1. Thanks :-) it was so nice. The birthday ring I found a few years ago in an odd little shop in the local town, a very happy find :-)

  2. Happy birthday Joa. We had a special day here too, celerating a third birthay for our beautiful Heather.

  3. Happy belated birthday Joa, what a beautiful day :)