Saturday, June 9, 2012

sew happy :-)

This last week has been full of joyful crafting for me.
 I am getting through the incredibly long list of 'things to make before I go on holiday', I have finished Joa's birthday trousers,
 Dogs for a boy who loves dogs. I also made Benny's Birthday trousers:
 Cowboys. These are reversible with a dark denim on the other side, I'm hoping that they will last him right through the winter.

If you love organic cotton look away now or risk being green with envy...
My dear friend, who visited last month with her son, lives in Aachen in Germany. Lana Organics which produces the most beautiful (and expensive) organic baby and children's clothes is also based in Aachen. Every so often they have an outlet selling the remnants of the fabrics used to make their clothes. My friend went along and just look at what she sent me:
organic t-shirt material in a dusky rose, yellow and rainbow stripe
 pink and blue interlock with the sweetest wee bunnies
 terry in stripe and green
 furry? Just perfect for jackets :-)
 Oh I am so so in love with all of these and so excited that she sent me so much of them all that I will be able to make so many gorgeous and organic clothes for the kids. I am deeply thankful to her and my mind has been buzzing with all of the things I would like to sew.

I thought I'd show you some pictures of our playroom (only because I just tidied it lol) I like seeing the play spaces people have created for their children and I thought you might like a peep at ours.
 Blocks, dolls house, vehicles and duplo
 little play silks and big play cloths.
 dolls and the most essential: a big pile of blankets.
 our books and some dressing up clothes.

We do have other toys and lots of other books but I keep them out in the shed. I find that if there is too much in the room the kids become over whelmed and find it difficult to play with anything. I notice when this happens as they tend to go into the playroom, make an unholy mess and come back out again 2 minutes later still looking for something to do. A few choice, open ended toys and lots of space is what works best for our kids.

Today has been so lovely, the weather fine and summery. I went for a 5km run this morning which was great, then Andy took Rebe and Benny off to town on some messages leaving Joa and I to sit and read together in the garden.
 Oh how I love this boy! I can't believe that he is going to be 2 next week.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend too (and getting to do lots of sewing as well )
hugs x


  1. I just love how the pants turned out! Precious! Happy early birthday to Joa. The grow too fast!

    1. that's the last of the cowboy material, saved up from when you sent it til now. I'm so thankful, love and hugs x