Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a belated Happy Christmas

Phew, here I am. What a week! We have been SICK! Our Christmas was pretty much a washout because of all of us being really rather poorly. I don't know what it was/is but I am suspecting man flu, which is, as we all know, pretty serious. Rebe had it first, she started feeling poorly on the Thursday and by Christmas Eve she was awful with a high fever and no energy. She still managed to write a little letter to Santa and put her stocking out. I think she just kept going on the excitement of it all. She couldn't eat anything and on Christmas day. She couldn't even eat the special chocolate that Santa left for her:
I got this idea from a friend of mine. I drew the shapes out on baking parchment, then filled in the shapes with melted white and dark chocolate.
We had a very small, understated Christmas. We kept the stocking presents to a minimum, I think they had 3 or 4 little things each, and it was the perfect amount really. They were delighted.

Joa got a book, this beautiful hand carved wooden spoon, a klean kanteen sippy cup and of course his mobile.
Benny got a wooden helicopter, a sippy cup and a really super picture book called 'In the Town All Year Round' which was recommended by one of my favourite blogs.

Rebe got a wooden yo-yo, a lovely book by Astrid Lindgen, some modeling bees wax and 2 sets of horse/dog/reindeer reigns.

We spent a good 2 hours being reindeer's and making bees wax models. This is the first time I've ever used bees wax and it is lovely.

Here's a little bird in a nest with her eggs.

I made Christmas dinner at which we had our own homemade crackers. They were brilliant, everyone helped over the previous few days getting them ready.

Benny and I made the crowns while Rebe was in school.

Andy made up the jokes and wrote them on pieces of paper. They were great, I think there could be a career move for him there!

I was responsible for filling the crackers. I made Benny a superhero mask out of red felt for his, I put this little doll's tea set in Rebe's and I crochet (how does one write the past tense for that?) these little booties for Joa. I'm dead pleased with them, I made them using the pattern from the children's year, the sole is a shammy leather for cleaning windows and the wool is Noro something or other. I looked up how to crochet in a book I have and it was simpler than I thought. I will definitely be making more of these!

Rebe rolled the crackers up and chose the ribbons. They were really great :-)

Wow, do we look peaky in this picture, but here I am at Christmas dinner with Rebe. Benny missed it, he had to have a nap. It all descended into poorliness after this, but I hope we're all on the mend now.
We got wonderful, amazing, thoughful gifts from lovely friends and family that I will post about later. We will probably have a special celebration/ fancy dinner when we're all feeling better.
I hope you all had a healthy and happy Christmas
hugs x


  1. Sorry you have all been unwell but I bet those little crackers and stocking fillers will be treasured memories for years.

  2. Oh Laura, so sorry to hear how sick you were! I am glad to hear you're doing better now!
    We also got that book for Asa, based on Tai's recommend on Small Wonders!
    I love everything- I want to write more but here is Ezri on my lap fussing and wanting to to to sleep. . .
    Hugs <3

  3. It's a great book isn't'll have real longevity I think. Much better now, still not feeling quite 'connected' with the world but we're getting there. x