Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Year in Music

Our little house here is never quiet. I try to keep our background noise here to a minimum; I don't ever have a radio on, we only have the tv on if it is being watched and if it is Andy who is watching I try to make sure that we have the door to the living room shut so that the noise isn't seeping into the rest of the house. We have no battery toys that emit incredibly annoying jingles and tunes. I have dreams of pockets of silence where I can hear my own thoughts, but even in these rare moments we all find ourselves singing or humming.
Music and song is very much part of our being.

We use them to get activities done: 'Clean up, clean up one, two, three. I'll help you and you help me'.
We use them for health and healing: 'Oh dear, what can the matter be, there's something wrong with Rebe'.
We use them as part of celebration and just for sheer joy and pleasure.

Some songs become 'stickers', ones that get sung endlessly, time and time again for days, weeks, months. Here are some of our 2010 stickers (in no particular order). Perhaps one day I will be able to get a CD made up of them, that would be cool :-)

Puff the Magic Dragon: a staple for us, loved by all and sung fondly. Only now Rebe doesn't allow us to sing the sad bit.

Bob the Snail: when Benny discovered snails we wanted to find him a snail song...we found this.

the Duck Song: this was a follow on from Bob. Warning, this song will get in your head and not get out so listen with caution!

Wee Willies Marley: This was sang by a lady at the Story telling festival in Courtmacsherry. It's such an old folky I just can't find a full version on line to listen to for free. We love it.

Twinkle Twinkle: It's Benny's top favourite, he sings it all the time and insists on a fully paying attention audience.

Bobby Bingo: Benny's next in line top song.

A Harvest Song: We learnt this lovely song whilst at the Autumn Equinox celebration we went to. So beautiful.

Lantern Song: We learnt this song at the Steiner P/T group St Martin parade. It took me back to my childhood.

All Together Now: The kids picked this up somewhere and just love it and sing it all the time!

Irish songs: I'd love to be able to write the titles, but I can't speak or write Irish at all, but Rebe is bringing these lovely songs back from school.

I'm sure there are many more, but these are the ones that sprang to mind...what were you singing this year?

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  1. oh puff the magic dragon, such happy childhood memories come back with that tune :-)