Sunday, December 5, 2010

India's doll

This India's custom order doll. She is 16"tall and made of soft cotton stockinette. She is cuddly and stuffed with clean carded wool. Her face is hand embroidered with cotton thread and her expression is neutral which will let India project whatever emotion she chooses onto her. She has a mouth at her mummy's request, always happy to oblige :-)

Her hair is soft mohair wool and is styled in permanent tiny baby bunches (I felt this was the best hairstyle for India as she is still quite young).

She is wearing an apple green cotton dress with a patterned yoke and pocket for keeping kisses in.

Over that she has a little green 100% wool cardi fastened with a little wooden elephant button and mary-jane style knitted booties.

I loved making her and I am so honored to have made India's first doll. I hope they have many great adventures together.
hugs x

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  1. that was my last custom order for Christmas so I'll stop posting dolls now I promise :-)