Monday, December 13, 2010

our weekend

We had quite a lovely weekend here....
On Friday morning while Rebe was at school Benny and I baked a cake. We were expecting friends to pop over in the afternoon and it's always nice to have something yummy to offer...well that's my excuse...but I have no excuse for eating 3 slices of it tsk tsk!!

On Saturday we were out all day. A dear, dear friend of mine is bundling up her brood and are moving back to the UK. We went to have a farewell get together at a soft play area that we used to frequent at least once a week. It was lovely and tinged with a little sadness.

On Sunday we lolled (what a great word).

We had a restaurant for lunch. Here are the waiters, they have (all) the cutlery in their apron pockets. I'm not sure what health and safety would make of Benny's naked bum under his apron!

Oh...note the slipper on Benny's foot. While we were with said friends above, we were passed on these slippers. Unfortunately numpty here managed to loose one! Nevertheless the kids are delighted with the one they still have (it has lights), and took it in turns wearing it all spirits, wasn't that the word?

After lunch we went for a walk to the park (which turned out to be closed).

Rebe took along her little wagon which was INCREDIBLY noisy and I had to ask her to put it in the big wagon after a while as it was giving me a headache.

Ah, this is the way to travel!

As usual Rebe has been doing lots of making. She's working on animals at the moment.
She's holding the cow and you can see the sheep. They have heads, legs and tails sellotaped together and they have realistic opening mouths complete with teeth, tongue and that dangly bit at the back.

This cow has grass in its mouth.

Benny has discovered the joys of food tower building...
and no he didn't break or spill anything...until this morning while I was in a mad rush to get out the door and he up ended a whole massive jar of olives in brine grrrr.

There have been lots of puppet shows in the evening.
I have been crafting away in the evenings as usual and have just finished this little lady.

I have some grey wool to make Rebe some leg warmers, so that'll be my next project I think.
Hope you all had lovely weekends too x

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  1. What a lovely weekend. i am laughing at Benny with the one slipper on - that happens here with james - he loses a shoe somewhere, or more often his beloved croc, but just limps about with one until the other one turns up. Olives in brine!- yuck but at least it wasn't oil..
    Thanks for your lovely comment about my photo. I just feel the whole thing is a bit x-factorish and prone to rigging - especially when I noticed you can post multiple votes!
    I decided I would pass the link on to those who specifically asked,so here it is