Friday, December 3, 2010


This is me... Supermama! da da daaaa! (I love this picture Rebe did of me! What a big compliment)

And the past few days I have been supermama. I've got so much done, in part due to Bubs being here and the kids being busy playing with her. The world outside our door is an ice rink and we still have no school. This has meant we are snuggled up indoors and so much has been achieved...

Trying the odd little spoon of food (bitter sweet, my wee baby is growing up)

Celebrating the coming of December and with it our advents bags from Bubs...

The kids delight in opening the little bag each morning. They have found a little chocolate each and also a wonderful finger puppet each day. So far they have gotten a gingerbread man, a troll and baa baa black sheep (clever Bubs).
We've been out for very short, very cold little walks.

we've cut hair...

This isn't a great picture of Rebe's. It's shorter than I intended but it is growing on me. Benny had a mullet up til a few hours ago, but Andy made me cut it off. He looks fairly smart now although I miss his curls.

I have also been doing a fierce amount (as they say here in Ireland) or crafting. In fact I have finished no fewer than 6 presents today. Most of which I can't show you because they are for people who look at the blog from time to time and I want them to be secret so I'll show you this wee cat I knitted for my niece...

I had to wrestle it off both the older kids. It's very soft and sweet and I hope she likes it.
So I am nearly done with all my Christmas crafting, only Joa's mobile to go really and a few little bits on a couple of dolls.
Gosh, it will feel lovely to just be able to relax and enjoy the coming weeks without a big mad list of things I still want to make :-)
I bet you're a superhero too!

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