Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

This is our wee Christmas tree.
Andy brought it home for us the day before yesterday and last night while the kids were in bed we decorated it. I do like our decorations, they always bring lovely memories back...

These little wooden I bought to go for our very first Christmas tree when Rebe was only 4 months old. There are bits falling off them and some of them are very poorly painted but I do love them, they spark my imagination and the kids love them.
When Rebe was 1 and a half I made these little decorations with her. We found these pine cones whilst out walking in Cobh and we dipped the tips in glue and then red glitter. Two pictures of these lovely stars (how do you remove just one picture without having to start a whole new blog post?) We made the stars when she was 2; we cut shapes out of salt dough and painted them gold and threaded them with ribbon.My favourite of last years decorations (and we made a few) are these cinnamon sticks. Although the smell has gone, they are so pretty!
So we're starting to feel a little festive here....The kids have been playing 'Santa'. Rebe is Rudolf and Benny is Santa complete with sack of toys on the back of his sleigh.

We've been reading Christmas books and I've been buying ingredients for a bit of Christmas baking this weekend. All the cards are written and posted, nearly all the presents are finished, the tree is up and we even have a sprinkling of snow.

Slightly unseasonally the kids played this swimming game during the crazy post dinner madness...
And today we celebrate this little boy becoming a whole half! 6 months today Joa arrived.

In his honor I ate half a piece of carrot cake while I was in town (and then the other half lol). He's sitting up unsupported, enjoying eating and must join in every family meal time. He loves bouncing on his legs, chuckles and laughs all the time and wonders at his siblings. He's squidgey and yummy and the sweetest wee man around.

So here's to a festive weekend

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