Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking back, looking forward

Wow, I can't believe it's Hogmany tonight already. Where has the time gone? What a year it's been! It's been a really good year for me. Here are a few highlights of 2010 for me...
dollscelebrationscake competitionsbump
beauty birth

growing up

growing older

Last year I had no resolutions (not because I thought I was perfect lol, but because we had just gone through a big transition with the move). This year though I have quite a few. These are the areas of my life and the family life that I would like to focus on a little more:
Food: I would like to really revolutionise how we eat. My ideal would be to be able to hire some land and put up a poly tunnel and have an allotment allowing us to grow as much of our own as possible. I would then like to cut out supermarket shopping and buy only from the whole food shop and the local market. I would also, in an ideal world, find a farmer who would be willing to sell me raw milk at a good price... This is a real pipe dream though and it would take massive planning and commitment as we simply couldn't afford to do it half and half! Andy and I will really have to sit down and think it all out. Until then, I would like to make sure we keep treats for the weekend, eat more whole foods, raw foods and generally a bit more balanced!
TV: Again my ideal would be to cut this out for the kids, this isn't going to happen though so I would like both Andy and I to be better to only allow it on at it's allotted time of the day.
Noise: (by this I mean noise coming from me). I would really like to stop shouting. I find that I sometimes just have days when all I do is shout and moan and I think that with practice I can just opt out of shouting. I find it really draining and it's OBVIOUSLY not an effective way of getting things done. I would also love to still the chatter. I talk too much; over talk, interrupt and I would like to apply the filter suggested in 'You are your Child's First Teacher' where you only speak words that are true, necessary and kind.
There are a few things I would like to do for myself, one is to write a crafting article for a magazine. I have a shot at this and I'd love to give it a good go. I would like to make many more dolls for my shop, I just LOVE making them. I would like to make the kids some more clothes. I get such a kick out of dressing them in homemades. I would like to loose my baby weight. I would like to start running again. I would like to find some time as a couple with Andy.
So there we go, 2010 was great. I hope 2011 will be just as good!
Good Luck all of you and much love x


  1. It's been a great year! I've loved getting to know you in 2010, Laura and look forward to 2011!
    Great goals- we've got some of our own too. We'd like to continue to move toward self-sustainability with our foods as well- and are hoping to get sheep in the spring- and learn to spin!
    I am looking forward to seeing what you do in the coming year, Laura!

  2. I was thinking that too, that one of the loveliest things I have discovered in 2010 is blogging and the lovely people I have met that way :-)Wow, sheep, that will be so much fun and I really envy the spinning, although I probably have anough crafting to get on with at the moment lol! Would you use the sheep for milk too? can't wait to share 2011 with you. Big hugs Laura x

  3. Your year and ours were so similar - a big move, another baba (a last baba!) a school starter, blogging, getting further into our creativity, a sick Xmas, a year full of fun and fraughtness often more than we can bare.

    For food, see my blog posting today...
    I have abandoned all desires for GYO and self sufficiency having spent a fews years trying.
    But shouting, sugar and TV are mine. We're totally with you there! And last stone and a half of baby weight! The bug has done well for a few pounds of it!
    And of course writing. lots of writing, but finding a way to balance my writing, kids TV, my focused time with kiddies and the rest of life better than I managed last year.