Wednesday, December 8, 2010

cold weather days

I've not a lot tot report really. Rebe is gladly back at school, she reports that all is good and that preparations for the school's Nativity Play are in full swing. In fact the last 2 days her class have been to visit the 'God's house' or the church, where the Nativity will be performed in a few weeks time. This was the first time she'd been in a church (that she remembers) and she is thrilled. She thinks it is very beautiful and likes the candles a lot.
I can't wait to see the Nativity, she's going to be a star (literarly):-)

So while it's been cold out we've been staying in, playing mostly... This is a much loved game right now; babies. Benny is the baby in the buggy and talks in a very high pitched voice. He has his snack (some carrot sticks) in the thermos round his neck.

Lots of train track building and play.

I've been doing some knitting while this is going on. I bought this yarn to knit a scarf for a friends child (it was supposed to be orange!! Note to self: don't buy yarn online). So I am knitting a jumper for a wee dolly. It is the most beautiful yarn Rowan Classic Extra Fine Merino (shade blood) so soft and cuddly. Would make a lovely hat, so really it was a lucky bad buy!
So that's us really... nice to have a bit of calm before the craziness I know will descend in a week or so when Christmas really kicks in!
hugs x


  1. Gosh, is it really that close-Christmas?!
    Rebe and Benny look so cute playing "baby"- I swear your household is so much like mine, because Ella and Ollie play that Asa is their baby- he totally loves getting to be baby again. :)
    I have also made lucky bad buys of yarn online- but I never learn and always do so again! It's difficult for me to get into our yarn store- (kaleidoscope) a 40 min. drive.. .
    Did Rebe get a haircut? Her hair looks very sweet. :)

  2. Hi Melanie, yes I cut Rebe's hair last week, she hates it in her collar so we just lopped it off. I like it too, she looks like a little French girl :-) I wish I had a good yarn shop near by, my closest one is pretty rubbish; expensive, completely disorganised and not a great choice. I have to go to the city for anything lovely and I jsut HATE going to the city. Still, think I've learnt my lesson! hugs x