Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nativity scene

This is our nativity scene. We starting making it last year and it is still a work in progress. I can see it being added to and changed every year. It is made of wool felt, roving and beans (to make the figures stand up). The stable is an old washing powder box that we've sort of disguised with twigs.
This is Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus

the 3 kings (they are this years new additions)

The shepherd and is dishevelled sheep (need to make new ones next year)

I do like our wee nativity scene, the idea was to make one that the children could play with, and they do (it took me ages to find Mary so I could take the photos!)...just noticed that bleedin' slipper is in the photo with Benny above!
I'm sure this nativity play scene will bring the kids much fun in years to come and I know I'm going to enjoy adding to it too.
Do you have a nativity scene in your house?


  1. We don't have a nativity yet, I keep wanting to find a wooden one, or even some parts of one to add to ourselves. I love yours, especially the dishevelled sheep!! I love that the children can play with it, that has to be possible for us too. Why is there always something on the edge of a good picture!!!!

  2. Oh Laura, this is the best Nativity scene EVER!

  3. shucks thanks guys! It is well played with :-)Liz I too coveted a wooden one like the Osthenheimer but they are sooooo expensive! We had a wooden one as kids and I still remember the joy of arranging all the figures. I am planning on telling the kids the story of the nativity on Sunday (the last one in advent) and again on Christmas Eve using the felt set like puppets. I hope to make it a special experience with candle light and some mulled aple juice, maybe some speical biscuits and carols after... I hope things like this will help me get into the Christmas mood! much love x

  4. We have lots of started and abandoned scenes, one made of paper in a tissue box made by Timmy at playschool, one Steiner style with felt figure and woolly sheep - Like the animals, don't like our Mary - scary face! and this year's minimalist one with wooden dolly pegs in a wooden stable...We'll get there one day!

  5. Oh and then we have our knitted Santa and Steiner elves in the turned wooden pine trees scene going on as well, and the Steiner angel hovering uncertainly above them all looking slightly confused!