Friday, December 3, 2010

Elijah's doll

This is a custom doll for little Elijah.
He is s 16" Waldorf doll. He is made with soft 100% cotton stockinette and stuffed with clean carded wool. His hair is knitted mohair and is firmly stitched to his head. His face is stitched on with cotton thread and is left very basic and expressionless to allow the best type of play and letting Elijah decide what emotions his little buddy has. He is wearing orange linen overalls over a white cotton smock top.
On top of this (and because it is very cold at the moment he is wearing a dark green knitted jacket of 100% wool and his little boots are also knitted of 100% wool and will keep him warm and make him cosy to cuddle.

I hope he brings Elijah much joy and companionship!


  1. OMG Laura you are so talented, I love him and I know he is going to bring Elijah many years of joy. Thank you so much XXX

  2. Janet, so glad you like him, I've just loved making him! Rebe put it a load of kisses and cuddles into the little pocket of his overalls yesterday where Elijah is bound to find them. See you next week x

  3. Oh my gosh, he is so delicious! I didn't know you were a doll maker as well. He is lovely. Peace and love. Anna

  4. oh my goodness~ I think this is my favorite one! He is SO darling!

  5. Thanks Anna, Yes, I made my first dolls for Rebe and Benny last Christmas and discovered how much I love making them. I've been busy crafting away, I enjoy it so much! Your baby buntings are too cute!
    Thanks Melanie x x