Wednesday, March 2, 2011

There are crocodiles...

...on Courtmacsherry beach. I know because I saw (and ate) them!
It is just glorious here at the moment. We decided to go down to the beach after school...
for a bit of a dig!

Dig! Look at that sand fly!

Rebe said she was going to keep digging until she found lava!

But the peace did not last...
Just as we were sailing on our boats, there! A crocodile! Oh gosh, and another!!

Can you see them? They are all around!
Luckily Rebe and Benny are brave and also very good a whacking them on the head with a spade or their wellie!

So after a while there were quite a few dead crocodiles lying around the beach.
They decided to skin this one...

Lovely big lumps came off for us to roast on the fire. Afterwards we had marshmallows...

...and threw some big stones around.
And then it was time to go home for dinner.
And as I sit here typing I can hear story time, and guess what they asked Andy to read?

Look at this little play person...
She's a prototype for a little project I have in mind.
Rebe adopted her and called her Sunny.

A fitting name for today :-)


  1. Oh I love Sunny!!! She is just beautiful, my daughter loves her!!
    And I love your time on the beach. How lucky you are to have that on your doorstep, something I dream of constantly. Have a lovely rest of your week, Liz

  2. :)
    ~toasted marshmallows are big in this house this week too!

  3. It's amazing what wildlife is around isn't it. We have fish swimming all over the lounge floor frequently that have to be speared and eaten there and then!

    Sunny is gorgeous too!

  4. Wow Claire, I bet your living room is a fun place to be :-)
    I'm glad you both like Sunny, I am hoping that a tutorial I have written to make her will be appearing in a fabby parenting magazine in the summer...will keep you posted on that front :-)

  5. I love this post! My boys would love to play crocodiles with your kiddos- maybe someday we'll make to the trip to play on your crocodile beach!

  6. Wow, Laura a published piece in a parenting mag? Which one? Will it make you rich beyond your wildest dreams? :0)
    How exciting, and what an honour too, just shows what a clever chic you are!
    x x