Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's show time!

One of the fun things about living in west Cork are the agricultural shows. Around this time of year every little parish and town seem to pull out all stops and have these great shows. Farmers show their cattle and sheep, horses are ridden, dogs are groomed to within an inch of their life and dragged around the field. There are best dressed lady competitions, bonny baby, Irish dancing. There are food stalls and bouncy castles and face painting. It's always a good day out and the tea and cake are usually worth it in themselves!

Today's show was in Barryroe, the next village to ours. The weather was glorious and we had lots of fun.

The kids were fascinated by all the trophies and cups waiting to be awarded.

This year Rebe and I also joined in. Rebe entered 'category 58: Lego'. She made a robin and a helicopter...

She was up against some pretty stiff competition!

I entered a couple of my dolls (they are at the bottom of the picture) They didn't win anything. I think the whole not having a mouth thing might have put people off...that and the fact that I entered them into a general craft category that I read after was for things 'not sewing or knitting'...which my dolls are both lol!

Still, I romped home in the 'knitted garments' category.

It was cool to be a part of it. Just as we were about to leave they announced the children's races and both Rebe and Benny wanted to run.

Benny was so keen, he was the first little boy to line up and he didn't need me or Rebe there waiting with him at the start line. As soon as he heard 'Ready, Steady GO!' he set off, running as fast as his little body could with a big smile on.

He crossed the finish line and kept running and an adjudicator had to run after him to stop him. He also gave him a medal for coming third!

Oh Benny was so delighted he was shaking and he came running up say shouting 'me won, me won'. He has shown pretty much everyone with eyes his medal :-)

Rebe did her best and was very surprised when at the end of her race she wasn't given a medal. She had a bit of a melt down and had a good cry saying how jealous she was that she didn't get one.

It's one of those hard things, but something she will no doubt have to experience time and time again in life. Still by dinner time she had recovered her humour and was proud of Benny and pleased for him :-)


  1. Oh well done her, and you for dealing with it like that rather than 'nicing' it away, it is important real life lesson.

  2. What a fun day! I love that rainbow knitted vest. And the pictures of the running race. You live in a beautiful part of Ireland. My father's side of the family come from Wexford. It has been years since we visited Ireland.