Saturday, July 16, 2011

with friends

We have spent the last few days with friends and it has been truly wonderful. Lucy and I have only been friends for a year or so but I feel like I've known her a life time (don't you love friendships like that!) It has been like a whole weeks holiday packed into 2 days;

a visit to the fly kites...


...building sandcastles...

...catching 'cods'...


We were supposed to be camping in the back garden but the weather turned out to be, well, Irish and us mama's felt it would be easier to 'camp' inside but we still managed to have a camp BBQ.

and eat sausages. Joa trying to catch the smoke.

We toasted marshmallows, Benny cried when his caught fire.

We drank mojitos (why did no one tell me about these before!!)

loved the garden

We went to a wee park in the village near their house. It was so lovely! The kids spotted a tyre swing and worked out how to get to it.

It involved beating down stinging nettles and wading through a stream. Our feet got so wet and to Benny's utter delight the dye on his shoes ran...

turning his feet green-a-go!

We found this tree filled with little owls. Did you know that baby owls like chocolate chip cookies? I never knew that ;-)

We also visited the Stephen Pearce pottery. Stephen is Lucy's dad and I had the pleasure of meeting him and to my utter excitement Lucy got out some clay for us to play with...

Timmy taught us how to make pinch pots and then Lucy showed us how to use the wheel!

Even I got a go! Oh I was (still am) one excited lady :-)

We have brought our pots home and when they have dried out we will paint them. Unfortunately I was so rubbish at it that my pot collapsed but the kids' pots made it home in one piece.

Lucy treated us to coffee and cake/ cookies in the cafe before we headed home for lunch and another good play.

I am so happy that we had this little holiday and I feel that if nothing else exciting happens during the school break I will look back at these past few days and feel we had a proper summer holiday :-)


  1. We had a wonderful time too. Thank you for your shiny enthusiasm, your sincere appreciation and your wonderful positive energy. I short thank you for being you in the world and sharing it with us all. I treasure our friendship. And our kids had a ball. Off to make pots myself this morning! Here's the mojito recipe in case you need another hit between now and when I see you next xx

  2. I am so happy that you had a fun weekend.

    You are so blessed to have found a friend like Lucy.