Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The summer holidays are about having time, the past few days we have stayed in the village and enjoyed having long days stretched ahead of us. We have had time to play with friends,

starting to pick calendula for our bear rub cream Making shadow art. This is the perfect lazy art. You need a piece of coloured sugar paper (the cheaper the better) and a sunny window sill.

Place some, preferably solid, objects around the paper and leave them completely alone for at least a whole day.

When you remove the objects the sun has faded the rest of the paper and abracadabra you have the object's shadows. The whistle one was interesting because although you can't see it in the picture it also left a yellow tinge.

We've had time to play with our food.

...make birds in cages complete with food bowls in the bottom (this is the shopping basket from under the toy pram cunningly converted with tin foil).

We've baked gingerbread men,

eaten lunch in the garden,

pick peas from the plant and gobble them up straight away.

Made a whole zoo

and I'm actually even getting some knitting done :-)

Ah, the bliss of time!


  1. Beautiful ways to spend summer days x

  2. Beautiful, Laura- I can feel the peace in your home way over here! <3

  3. Wonderful! Us too...http://dreamingaloudnet.blogspot.com/2011/07/happy-days-stolen-fruit.html