Tuesday, July 5, 2011

play, painting and pets

Sunday afternoon was just gorgeous. The kids played out in the garden. We all worked together and made this wonderful shop... Rebe was the shop keeper and Benny the delivery man. I was the customer. It was really sweet and a lovely, calm way to play outside and appreciate all the different little wild flowers growing on the lawn.

Benny making paper money.

Joa 'helping' after having a good old splash in the mud kitchen's water bucket :-)

Earlier in the day we had walked/cycled/ rode hobby horse to our wee local cafe to buy ice cream. They have a really lovely little garden there where the kids played and Joa took 10 steps! They found a big pile of mud to play 'king of the cannibal islands' on (to play this find anything to stand on and shout in a deep voice king of the cannibal island...it's a good game I can recommend it!). But this mean their clothes got very dirty. At home again the pre-dinner craziness began to kick in so we killed 2 birds with one stone. I gave the kids each a bowl of soapy warm water and made them wash the clothes they got dirty.

They really enjoyed it and the clothes got a soak...so I nearly got the mud and chocolate ice cream stains out.

This morning we did a bit of painting. I taped a large piece of paper to the table and loaded up brushes for Joa.

He loved it- look he's definitely still left hand dominant!

Joa's first painting.

And so to pets. This is a bit painful to write... but part of parenting and growing up...

Rebe has really, really wanted a pet of her own. For ages she asked for a mouse, she was under some kind of illusion that you could tie a string to one and take it for walks. I didn't want anything too small in the house because I know they would escape and cause all sorts of chaos. I also didn't want anything too big or high maintenance. So I decided I could tolerate a Guinea pig. I figured they were the right size, docile and also a touch stupid. I find a touch of stupidity endearing and also quite essential in a pet!

So, a couple of weeks ago when Rebe moved into her own room, Andy took her to the pet shop and they bought a Guinea pig. A little boy with a yellow stripe across his brown back, she called him Sammy and was very in love with him, and so too was Benny.

On Sunday I was getting the washing in off the line and Benny came to me shaking with his wee lip trembling and said 'Sammy died'. Oh god I thought and rushed upstairs with Benny to find Sammy dead in his cage. It turns out Benny had thrown him up in the air and he had landed on the floor and as a result died. Oh gosh, I didn't know what to do. I took my mum's good advice and just cuddled them both and let them talk about it and cry about it. It was very hard for them both and obviously Rebe was devastated.

Yesterday, the kids and I went out swimming and visiting with friends and when we got home the cage was back in Rebe's room with a sign on it 'To Rebe with love from Daddy'. and inside...

Coffee and Toffee.Two little girls, very young still and very sweet. Rebe is so beyond delighted and we now have very strict rules for Benny handling them.

Oh isn't parenting and life just full of ups and downs?

Hope you all had lovely weekends x


  1. Oh my. This post touches me in so many ways. What stands out to me is the connection, trust, fun, and love your family has for one another. For some reason, it was so apparent in this post.I quess it was the family store that everyone was a part of.

    I came from a large family and while reading this I remember so much of our games and imaginative play. It was a delight to remember.

    I bet Dad has now become the hero in the eyes of your 2 oldest for bringing home such a treat.

    Thanks for reminding me the fun simple times of childhood.

  2. Oh Laura. . .when I got to the part with the note from daddy and the two new pets I got tears in my eyes! Oh the heart ache of losing a loved pet. . .and I especially feel for little Benny who just didn't mean to do it. . . hugs!!!
    I am in love with Joa and his mud-splashed face, I could just kiss it all over, mud and all.
    This whole post is fabulous and you made me smile so many times.
    Love to you! Mel

  3. Elizabeth thank you so much for your words. I am so touched and I love that you can see what I feel in my wee family too :-)
    Yes daddy is the hero of the house and many thank you cards and cuddles have been given. Poor Benny, it still makes my heart ache to think of his distress!
    Mel, he is a cutie, he is so coming into himself now and is such a lovely wee lad, tantrums and all :-)