Friday, July 22, 2011

The Library Bus

...comes to our village on a Friday lunch time.
During the school term we miss it because of the school run, but since the holidays we have been trying to go.
If we leave the house at 12 noon, we can see it make it's way around the estuary. Do you see it on the other side of the water, the faint red and yellow bus? We wander slowly (there isn't another way to walk with Benny) and we pop to the shop to get a snack or treat.

Then we wait by the red house.

Here it comes, slowly round the corner.

It stops and we get on.

We choose some books (they don't have a big selection, but being on the bus is fun enough reason to go and we always manage to find something good to read). Joa very helpfully rearranges the lower shelves for the librarian.

Then we walk home (Benny backwards...which made it a VERY slow walk home)

reading (upside down) and waving as the bus passes us on it's way to the next village.

The library bus is so cool. You can't help but know you live in the sticks when there's a library bus and for many it is a real social occassion. There is a lovely group of villageers who never miss the bus and if one of their friends can't make it someone else always picks up a book for them. I feel very lucky that I get to be a part of this and I can't help feeling that the library bus won't be something that's around for many more years.


  1. It's the same bus that visits us! And we are usually the only ones there... and we don't usually return our books within 2 months, let alone 2 weeks. I love going to it!

  2. That is just wonderful. What a fun way to get books from a library bus!

  3. Oh Lucy, how cool, perhaps we should hide secret notes to each other? Yes, the library bus is a very good thing :-)

  4. Oh the library bus! How awesome, Laura! I love your descriptions of every day things, you always make me smile- Benny walking backwards, Joa rearranging the shelves. .

  5. I just realised that I wrote 'villageers'. We updated our yahoo on the computer and since then I can't post links or use spell check or anything useful, but this is a good mis-spelling. I think I will use it always, sort of like a muskateer (which I can't spell either lol) x

  6. I love the idea of your wee ones visiting the library bus. Jake and I go to the local library once a week and it is such a huge delight for us both.

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