Wednesday, July 6, 2011

our afternoon walk

A few days ago I was telling the kids about my evening walk, and they asked if they could come. So yesterday afternoon, after a lunch, we packed up our rucksacks and took off...

There was something so endearing about Benny's wee curls resting on the back of his rucksack (it's open because the zip has broken. This made using it a bit tricky but Benny insisted)

The tall grass was fun for them to swish through.

We stopped in my favourite field to have a reviving snack and a rest before turning back for home.

practicing climbing the stile

The rain clouds rolled in so we made for home. They walked brilliantly and it was lots of fun, and tiring for them...but in a good way :-)

I thought Benny was sitting for ages quietly admiring the view...turns out he was busy picking his nose...oh that boy!


  1. HAHA about Benny!
    This is lovely Laura, to share your special walk with the children- now when you go on it you'll have some memories to make you smile!

  2. I bet they enjoyed this so much and needed a bit of rest time after.

  3. Lovely walk, I'd love to live near the sea. We have a 22 month old nose picker too!