Thursday, July 21, 2011


Between swimming and visiting with friends we have had lovely long, extended periods of down time here. So I have no pictures to share of anything other than good old play: a merry-go round made by Rebe

We now have 2 dinosaurs (I don't know if you can see them, the shape of the dinosaurs in the chairs, but I'm now so used to looking at these chairs as dinosaurs I can't really see them as anything else...well apart from dangerous when Joa tries to climb up them.)

A sleeping lambie

creative mess

a very handsome man eating raisins from the bowl he made himself

a very handsome man pulling a not quite so handsome face ;-)

a very cool flat fish Rebe made for Andy out of clay

The planting game, the kids still play 'planting' a lot. They use whatever they find, in this case some very old peas and little cake tins from the play kitchen. Rebe even made a paper net for her peas to climb up so that they are just like daddy's.

I wonder which games we will play tomorrow (and I wonder how much mess it will make)?

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  1. Laura, your home is so wonderfully creative! And that Benny, he is a handsome one- no matter what face he makes!