Friday, July 1, 2011

summer holiday

The last couple of days have been summer holidays as they should be!

A bit of cake baking (The Naked Chef eat your heart out!)A bit of mud cake baking.Even Joa joined in with that :-)Enjoying the view from my garden with a pile of mending on my knee, which I got done while the kids played horses and Joa explored

At lunch time the kids made and packed their own sandwiches and drinks and we headed off to the beach.believe it or not this is Rebe's 'cutest smile'Of course, they got soaked and of course I had to strip Joa and of course I left all the clothes and the sling too close to the water mark and of course the tide was coming in so all kids had to come home naked with Joa shoved down my t-shirt, of course. Well, isn't that what summer holidays are all about?!

I also just wanted to share a wee picture of the doll that Rebe made for Mr Murphy...I think he was delighted :-)

Wishing you all a happy, sunny and lovely weekend x


  1. Oh, just look at that doll! Gorgeous! I can imagine that being treasured for years to come!

  2. I bet Joa loved the naked ride as much as you did. Your smile is wonderful.

  3. Ooh lovely photos :-)

    And gosh what a lovely view!

  4. Dear Laura, what a wonderful summer day! I want to come sit in your yard with you, I'll bring my pile of mending. :)