Wednesday, July 13, 2011

a quiet little drinking village...

...with a fishing problem (car bumper stickers from the Courtmacsherry Hotel)

A couple of days ago Andy took the boat out fishing, and what a trip he had!!! He called me as he was coming in and we went down to meet him at the harbour. We watched and vaguely helped him bring the boat in. He has a really ingenuous way of getting the boat back onto the trailer using a winch. This means we don't need some swanky 4x4 and he can tow and launch the boat using his wee golf, even when the slipway is thick with sea lettuce. It's very clever and I felt really proud watching him, knowing how much thought he had put into the problem of launching and retrieving the boat single handily.

This was his catch, the best result I have ever seen, so the best fishing trip in well over a decade!

Benny was SO interested in everything (see him poking the googly eye of the pollack?)

Amongst the catch were 2 fine cod

a whole box full of mackerel

You'd think Benny had caught them!

oooh big fish!

As well as 2 cod he also caught 4 pollack and a small ling.

we washed them down in the garden and filleted them also. Andy went off to drop a heap to some friends of ours. I put the dinner on and Benny refused to come in, he still wanted to investigate the fish some more.

I found them like this when I went to get him in for dinner.

After filleting and washing them we had a huge bowl full of gorgeous fillets for the fridge and freezer. We also did some bartering with them and swapped them for these eggs and veggies...

which all together made this sumptuous dinner....

Another neighbour we gave some mackerel to gave us strawberry's and cream in return, oh yum!

The only down side to this trip is that Andy hurt his back with the strain and has been laid down for 3 days, poor thing. Still at least he has something to smile about...oh and he did inform me that over the past week he used no less than 7 different reels...and here's me thinking he was going overboard buying all those fishing reels from ebay ;-)

Also I just want to share 2 more foody pics...

These beautiful artichoke's a friend gave me from her garden. Oh I love artichoke's!

These cakes we baked while Andy was out fishing, we think they look like 'real cakes'.

Hmm yum, what have you been eating of late?


  1. That is quite the bounty. I love to see what our beautiful earth provides.

    We are currently devouring our garden treats. They are string beans, squash, zuccinni, cucumbers and an incrediable amount of tomatoes. I am getting 6 huge ones off the vine every day. I just might learn to can them.

  2. I would love to be close to the sea to be able to catch our own fish, it is the one thing I find really hard to source in the Midlands, good quality, ethically caught fish.

    I actually feel rather hungry now reading that post!!

    Btw, what exactly do you do with artichokes??

  3. what a beautiful day....and I love your blog:)

  4. Hi guys, aren't we just so lucky! I feel lucky too not to have lost touch with the earth and where our food comes from. Andy and I feel this is such an important lesson for the kids to learn. Thank you for your comments x

  5. Claire, I steam the artichokes. You can then pick off the leaves and dip the end fleshy bit in a good olive oil or vinegarette and scrape it wtih your teeth until you're left with the heart...which you just gobble :-)

  6. Laura, I love this and I want fish! Wonder how it would be if you sent me some?? :)
    I keep meaning to email you- I've been thinking of you and will write this weekend!

  7. What a catch! I'm sure he must have broken every EU fishing quota in the book!