Thursday, July 29, 2010

1st Prize

We had another glorious day yesterday. Perfect for the Courtmacsherry Festival Beach Party. It was such a great day and so well organised. There was a sandcastle building competition. We met up with a group of friends down there and all the kids collaborated and made 2 castles, one was actually a mud castle, but they had a ball gathering the mud from the shore line. The other was basically a mound of seaweed with a dead fish on top...needless to say they didn't win. I've no pictures to post as I didn't ask mummies about putting up pictures of the kids here.

There was a puppet show (we missed that though somehow), a bbq, disco music and balloon sculptor, pony riding and face painting.

My beach baby fast asleep in the wagon.
There were also running races and sack races for the kids. Rebe was really up for it this time, having had her practice with Andy. She was itching to run. Benny wanted to have a go too, he stood in line with the (3 other) under 3 boys and waited for the 'Ready, Steady, Go'. When the lady shouted 'go', he crossed his arms, pouted his lip and stomped off the other way 'Noi'. It was very funny. He decided to have another go though when it was Rebe's turn in the 4 and under race, and the kind lady let him run with the girls. They both shot off this time and Rebe ran so fast... faster than anyone and she won!!
Oh I was so delighted that she had taken part again and was confident and what a bonus for her. They took her name and to our surprise and delight towards the end of the day, her name was called out and she was presented with this...
'My very own trophy!'
She is just so proud of it, it is going everywhere with her and has been shown to everyone...

What a great day, we certainly are loving this wee festival, and where we live!
(For some reason I have uploaded all the photo's twice and I can't seem to delete them so the post finished here really unless you want to look at all the pictures again) x


  1. It sounds like you have such a wonderful community around you that is super supportive of families. I love that.

  2. Oh, Joshua looks so cute in the wagon!
    I thought I was seeing things when I was scrolling down and saw the same set of pictures! ;)
    It does sound like you have a fabulous community. If I ever get to Ireland, which I really want to do but probably won't be able to for a long while- I will definitely have to call you up!

  3. yes, we love it here. We are really finding this community great. It really cares about the village and the people in it. I have been so impressed by our welcome here and by the village generally. Hope to stay here for a very long time!
    You'd be so welcome to come Melanie, that would be so fun...sending lotto winning vibes your way ;-) x