Saturday, July 24, 2010

On your marks, get set...

Joshua has been the golden boy the past few days! He's fed really well (nothing new there though) and has been lovely and calm and has slept really well, giving me lots of time with the other kids and to catch up on some rest. He even had a 6 hour sleep the day before yesterday. So in celebration (as if I need an excuse), here's a picture of a much less tired mama and Joshua 'the cheeks' Angel.
And because Benny wanted one with him too . . .

Here is another one of Rebe helping Joshua with his fennel tea, is it just me or does he seem really big?

Andy and I have been a bit heavy on the sugar recently (all in the name of energy boosting), however we have talked a lot about how we need to limit it more. So we decided we are going to keep treats and puddings for weekends only... I also think that it would be nice to introduce having a special baking day into our weekly rhythm, especially when Rebe starts school. I was thinking I might bake/make that treat with the kids on Saturday mornings.

I found a packet of chocolate chips in the cupboard and so we made simple chocolate chip cookies from this recipe.

They were yummy, Peter Pan came specially to try them.
Friday saw the start of the Courtmac Harbour Festival. There is loads on to do over the coming week, which is so great! Yesterday Andy took Rebe down to see what was going on while I stayed at home and the 2 boys had their naps. They had a great time and found that there were races going on. Rebe entered the under 6 running race. Andy said that she was so nervous that when the whistle went she started to cry with stage fright. So, Andy jumped in and held her hand and ran with her half of the way (about 3 metres) until she got her confidence.
She was so delighted to tell me all about it when she got home. She set to work straight away making herself and Andy medals and a trophy and a flag.

And here they are the champions (well, they came 7th) in the under 6's girls race. We're as proud as proud!


  1. You do look very well rested - I am jealous. My little guy, who was born around the same time, has decided that he has to feed every three hours at night. Ugh!
    You have a very beautiful family!

  2. You do have a beautiful family!
    Joshua does look big- and he's got glorious cheeks. :) How much is he weighing these days?
    What a wonderful daddy Andy is to jump in and run the race with Rebe!

  3. Aw thanks guys! Last time he got weighed was about a week ago and he was nearly 12lb! He'd put on nearly a lb in a week, but i have my doubts about the scales:-)