Tuesday, July 6, 2010

early mornings

One of the lovely things about breast feeding a newborn baby is that you experience a different time of day from usual. This is the sunrise out of my bedroom window. Of course I'd usually sleep through the summer sunrises. Although I would probably prefer the sleep at this point, there is something special about watching the sunrise over the water with a little warm body nestled against you.
Our mornings are quite lovely at the moment, once Joshua is back in bed the kids are happy to play together and I can do a few jobs around the house then relax with a cuppa. Here is Rebe making some clay beads.

Surprising how just putting the kitchen chairs in a row can spark the imagination. Here we all are aboard the breakfast express. Rebe is the train driver (complete with plate steering wheel and cardboard tube funnel), we had tickets which got clipped with a stapler and we went all the way to China all before 9am!

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  1. What a happy picture and the sunrise is incredible.